Our studios

Our mission is to redefine the gaming industry landscape, setting new standards of excellence, and serve as a beacon of innovation and inclusivity


ELITE stands for our 5 brand values


We believe in empowering our people to ask questions without fear of negative judgement and to make bold choices rather than conform.


We recruit people who do not feel defined by titles, but rather seek to be judged by their attitude, their determination to succeed, and their achievements.


We believe in the limitless power of a child’s imagination and seek always to bring a fresh perspective to the world of games.


We believe we are stronger and faster, and we accomplish our greatest achievements, when we work together. We strive to create collaborative environments for ourselves and for gamers.


We listen to our colleagues and to gamers in order to serve them better. We believe in embracing all opportunities to be diverse and inclusive.

Leadership Team

Part of the Savvy Games Group, Steer Studios is led by Yannick Theler (CEO), and supported by a team of global and regional talent of extraordinary potential

A portrait photo of the CEO of Steer Studios, Yannick Theler
Yannick Theler
a portrait photo of Eric Pepin the VP of Operations at Steer Studios
Eric Pepin
VP Operations
a portrait photo of Peeyush Gulati, VP of production at steer studios
Peeyush Gulati
VP Production Mobile
a portrait photo of Gill Grandjean, VP of Marketing at Steer Studios
Gil Grandjean
VP Marketing
Jean-Philippe Pieuchot
VP Production Console